Latest Posting Time of Post Offices
30/12/2019 17:45

In order to ensure the delivery of the postal objects on time, please take note of the latest posting time of all post offices as given below:


Post offices Monday to Friday Saturday
General Post office 16:00 11:00
Rua do Campo Post office 16:00  
Red Market Post Office 16:00 11:00
Fai Chi Kei Post Office 16:00 11:00
Hac Sa Wan Post Office 16:00  
Mong Ha Post Office 16:00  
Cultural Centre Post Office 16:00  
Terminal Post Office 16:00 12:00
Nova Taipa Post Office 15:00 12:00
Carmo Post Office 15:00 12:00
Airport Post Office 15:00 12:00
Taipa Terminal Post Office 15:00


Ocean Gardens Post Office

Seac Pai Van Post Office 15:00  
UM Post Office 15:00  
Coloane Post Office 15:00  

Please contact the counter staff for the latest posting time of the Express Mail Service.


Thank you for your attention.

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