About Us

About Us


The establishment of the Macao Post goes back to 1884.

In the early twentieth century, the former Macao Post took over the telegraph and telephone services, and was renamed as Post, Telegraph and Telephones Office (CTT), currently Post and Telecommunications. The establishment of the Macao Postal Savings also dates from this period.

Throughout its long history, CTT has taken over a number of functions and some ceased to be under its control.

Today, we are a service endowed with legal personality and administrative, financial and patrimonial autonomy.

CTT provides public postal service as well as regulates, supervises, promotes and coordinates all activities related to the telecommunications sector in the Macao SAR. Besides, CTT also assumes the function of a credit institution.

In order to meet the expectations of our customers, we started a thorough process of modernization in the new millennium, introducing new services and offering new functionalities that are in demand.

  • In the Postal area, in addition to ensure operations related to postal traffic, guaranteeing universal postal services, we have diversified our business by engaging in new technologies. We provide Electronic Certification Services and Secure Electronic Postal Services, which are in line with the standards and regulations of UPU.
  • As Macao’s telecommunications regulator, we expect local telecommunication services to follow international standards, thus enabling Macao to face future challenges. We promote the provision of excellent services by the operators, we look for a good business environment and encourage innovation and investment. We also promote Macao's telecommunication activities, abiding the latest international standards and technologies established by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU).
  • The Macao Postal Savings, in addition to fulfilling the obligations of a credit institution, also provides the Electronic Payment Platform as an electronic payment channel for various public services, and through the operation of the Credit Data platform, realizes the sharing of personal credit information of customers of credit institutions in Macau.
  • The Communications Museum, also under CTT, has an experimental and interactive nature, stimulating public interest in philately, and popularizing scientific and technical knowledge in telecommunications.


  • Telecommunications: Let the Macao telecommunication services be connected with the international standards, thus enabling Macao to encounter the future challenges;
  • Postal: Providing safe, high quality and diversified postal services to serve all industries and citizens in Macao.


  • We promote competition in the telecommunications industry and enabling the provision of high quality by the licences;
  • Encourage innovation and investment, and creating a good business environment for telecommunications industry;
  • Expand diversified business and continue to improve the service network;
  • Exercise a whole-hearted and cohesive team spirit, making the staff as a recognized working team.


  • Impartiality– Keep neutral and work rationally in accordance with law and loyality;
  • Professionalism– Keep updated with ethical conduct and dedication;
  • People-oriented – Serve with care, well-communicated and interacted for better efficiency.


  • To promote the application of international conventions, agreements and regulations, etc. in the field of postal and telecommunications;
  • To ensure the operation of postal traffic with the origin, transit or destination in Macao;
  • To establish relations with related international institutions;
  • To promote the creation and development of postal services and products that are in line with market demand;
  • To ensure the production, emission, distribution and commercialization of stamps and other forms of postage, as well as ensuring the operation of postage stamp cancellation;
  • To promote the commercialization of stamps and other philatelic products;
  • To promote postal services and products to the residents of Macao, especially to the major customers;
  • Engage in banking nature business, and to cooperate with the orderly implementation of the Administration's financial policies by its nature of credit institution;
  • To provide eSignTrust services;
  • To manage the Communications Museum;
  • To provide e-commerce services;
  • Being the regulatory and supervising role of telecommunication industry, ensure the fair competition to promote its development;
  • To ensure the rights of the telecommunications service users;
  • To ensure full compliance by telecommunications licenses / operators in line with the obligations established in the business licenses or concession contracts;
  • To issue regulatory guidelines to network operators and service providers to ensure that telecommunications activities are systematically developed;
  • To manage and monitor the radio spectrum;
  • To establish technical standards for telecommunications equipments, as well as to specify, approve, ratify, monitor and inspect them;
  • To accredit and monitor the certified entities in accordance with the legal requirement of electronic documents law;
  • To promote the development of information communication technologies;
  • To assist in building the postal, telecommunications and information communication technology policies.