Official launching of the new way for delivery - “eLocker” service
07/12/2015 16:10
Macao Post is going to officially launch the new way of delivery - “eLocker” service on 18th December 2015. This service allows the public to collect their postal objects during non-office hours and enjoy a convenient, fast, secure and smart postal service.

The first electronic locker will be located at the EMS Mail Collection Centre (Rua da Sé, 1st floor of the Macao Postal Savings building). At this moment, “eLocker” provides surface and air parcel delivery service from 9:00 to 22:00. New “eLocker” venues will be added

for public to collect postal objects conveniently. Furthermore, the EMS delivery service will also be provided in due course.The operation of “eLocker” is easy, simply scan the QR code or enter a PIN code to collect the postal object. Users can apply for the “Secure Electronic Postal Box – SEPBox” by registering at the Macao Post counters or using the electronic postal kiosk. Successful applicants can login “SEPBox” and select the “eBill & Notice” to apply for “eLocker” service. It is more convenient to use “eLocker” service with download the free app of “SEPBox”.

First 100 successfully applied users of “eLocker” service can experience convenience of the new delivery and get the exquisite gift set.

For details about “eLocker” service, please visit our website or email us at:
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