Basic Services
  1. Dispatching postal items
    • When dispatching postal items, one may opt between sending it via non-priority service or via priority service.

    • Proof of delivery service.
      When requiring proof of delivery at the destination, the client may opt for dispatching the item by registered post with proof of delivery service. As such, the sender must fill in Form CP72, as well as the relevant proof of delivery receipt, and choose whether to send it via priority or non-priority service.

  2. Collecting postal items
    • When collecting postal items, the addressee must present his identification document. When the addressee cannot collect the item(s) personally, his/her legal representative, besides submitting his/her own original Identity Card, must also present the original or an authenticated copy of the Identity Card of the addressee when collecting the postal item(s). If the addressee is a collective person, the signature should bear the respective stamp.

    • The client must get to the Mail Collection area to pick-up the postal item(s).
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