Parcel - Limits Of Weight And Dimensions
A package weighing more than 2kg or the dimensions of which are over the limits for correspondence, one may select to sent by parcel. When sending the parcel, the sender must fill out a form and choose the non-priority (surface) or priority (air) service.

Weight: Up to 20 kg or up to 31.5 kg (according to the destination).
Dimensions: Ordinary mail
Maximum dimensions
  • Any one dimension (a or b or c) should be less than or equal to 1500 mm.
  • Sum of the perimeter of the base (2b + 2c) plus the longest side (a) should be less than or equal to 3000 mm.

Minimum Dimensions
  • The same as that applied to the Correspondence

Note:Some destination countries may apply special restrictions. For further information, please call 8396 8523.
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