Standard Address Format
Postal address should be complete and precise so as to enable postal objects to be delivered to addressees correctly. In attaining this objective, all senders should follow the standard format of local postal address as provided by Macao Post below:

The maximum number of lines for a local postal address is 6; words should be aligned to the left, consecutive and with no blank line. Postal address in Portuguese or English should be written or printed, preferably, in capital letters.
  • Standard postal address should include information in the following sequence:
    • Name of addressee
    • Name of organization (if applicable)
    • Type and name of street, number
    • Name of building, number of phase or block
    • Number of floor, flat, side or other identification of the unit
    • District (Macao/Taipa/Coloane) Postal Code (if applicable)
    • Examples of postal address:
      A. Residential address
      Ms. XXX
      Rua Cidade de Lisboa N.o 130
      Lisboa Gardens, Tower B3
      14th Floor D
      Taipa, Macau
      B. Office Address
      ABC Companhia de Importação e Exportação Limitada
      Alameda de Dr. Carlos D’Assumpção N.o 159-207
      "Hai Fu" Commercial Building
      4th Floor A
  • Standard address of P.O. Box should include information in the following sequence:
    • Name of addressee
    • Number of P.O. Box
    • Name of Post Office
    • District (Macao/Taipa/Coloane)
    • Examples of P.O. Box address:
      A. ABC Company
      P.O. Box No. XXX
      Central Post Office
      Mr. XXX
      P.O. Box No. XXX
      Coloane Post Office

If senders comply with the format of local postal address provided by Macao Post, it will reduce the possibility of delivery to the wrong addressee.
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