Supplementary Services

Registered Mail If the sender would like to have certificate of posting (receipt) with tracking number at the time of posting and the acceptance of item can be confirmed by the recipient, the sender may choose to send the item by registered mail.

Additional fee, per object: (excluding postage)

Macao MOP 14
Other destinations MOP 21

Registered Mail With Advice Of Delivery The sender who sends the registered mail may receive a written proof of delivery (Advice of Delivery) after the item has been delivered and signed by the recipient.

Additional fee, per object (excluding postage and registration fee) MOP 13

Registered Mail To Be Delivered To The Designated Recipient By request of sender, the registered mail with advice of delivery should be accepted and signed by the designated recipient or his/her legal representative.

Additional fee, per object (excluding postage) MOP 10.5

Insured Mail* The sender may send the registered mail with insurance coverage by paying an additional fee.

Insurance premium per MOP 720 or its fraction MOP 8
Additional fee, per object (excluding postage and registration fee) MOP 19.5

*1) The upper limit of insured mail is MOP 35,000.00;
  2) Not applicable for all destinations.

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