Collection Arrangement

Posta Restante

If the correspondence delivered to Macao is indicated with “Posta Restante” by the sender on the envelope, the addressee needs to collect it at the post office and pay for the additional fee. This service is provided for the Macao visitors and people who do not have permanent address.  


Additional fee for addressee MOP 6.5

Delivery to the Addressee of Correspondence/ Small Packet Weighing Over 500g

Charge for delivery at Macao Post Counters MOP 3.5
Door to Door Delivery Charge:
a.  Macao
b.  Taipa 

MOP 25
MOP 60


  • Upon the request of the addressee, correspondence can be kept in Post Office for collection.
  • Unclaimed items kept at the post office for 90 days would be returned to the sender. Item cannot be returned to the origin should be considered as undeliverable item.


Each day or less than 1 day MOP 3

Unpaid or Underpaid postage should be paid by the addressee or by the sender upon return to the origin

Handling Charge MOP 6.5
Underpaid charge
(Excluding handling charge)

a) Underpaid charge equals to the tariff of the zone 1 times a fraction, in which the numerator is the underpaid postage and denominator is the postage of the origin.

The addressee is required to settle the storage charge when failing to collect the mail within the due day stipulated in the first notification note.

Mail over 500 g    (For each day) MOP 1.5


The addressee can apply for this service if he/she wants to change the address. Once the application is approved, all postal objects will be redirected to the new address. Redirection service includes the local and overseas services, the applicant needs to pay for the charges concerned.


A. Local

Duration Charges
1 month MOP 78
3 months MOP 195
6 months MOP 325

B. Overseas

  1. Letters would be redirected once a week.
  2. The redirection service is only applied to the correspondence which weighs equal to or under 50 g.
  3. The maximum valid period for redirection is 6 months and no renewal afterwards.
  4. The applicant should deposit 500 patacas in CTT Macau.
  5. Except the postage, 20 patacas is charged for each redirection.
  6. The correspondence would not be redirected when the deposit is insufficient for the fee mentioned in point (5).
  7. The remaining sum of deposit will be converted into Macao SAR stamps with equal value and returned to the applicant of redirection service.

The forms are available for download:

Authorized Representative for Picking Up Postal Objects

If the addressee cannot collect the registered mail in person, he/she can apply for this service in which the valid identification document is needed.

Each authorization  Free of charge
Validity 1, 3, 6 or 12 months

The form is available for download:

Application form for Authorized Representative for Picking Up Postal Objects
The recipient is requested to settle the custom fees as follow:
Each object MOP 40
Each special bag MOP 65
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