Macao Post published “Selection of Letter Writing of Macao Youth”
17/03/2015 11:58
Letter is a long history means of communication and also the most memorable form. In order to promote the significance of letter, Macao Post invited the Associação da Literatura Moderna de Macau to compile the “Selection of Letter Writing of Macao Youth”.

From the 1980s onwards, Macao Post has been arranging local students to participate the International letter-writing competition for young people which is organized by the Universal Postal Union. Starting from 1996, Macao Post has been organizing “A letter to Santa Claus” essay writing competition to celebrate the Anniversary of Macao Post and Christmas, from which encourage children to express their thoughts and feelings through letters.

Macao Post commissioned the Associação da Literatura Moderna de Macau for carrying out a comprehensive analysis on all the entries of the two above mentioned composition contests. The analysis was jointly conducted and published into the “Selection of Letter Writing of Macao Youth” by three scholars from the association, Prof. Tang Keng Pan, Prof. Sio Chio Ieong and Prof. Tang Chon Chit with a research team composed by postgraduate students. In addition to the selection of these two essay contests’ champion, it also explains the knowledge and practical writing principles of letter writing with examples. This selection brings benefits to the future youth writing.

The “Selection of Letter Writing of Macao Youth” will be sold on 23rd March, 2015 at the following post offices: Philatelic Shop at Macao Post Headquarter, Rua do Campo, Terminal, Airport and the Communications Museum. The printing volume of this selection is 500 and the price is MOP100.
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