A new “eLocker” service station at University of Macau (UM)
27/04/2016 15:55
Macao Post endeavors to provide high quality services. In order to expand the service network of “eLocker”, a new service station will be launched at UM Post Office (Avenida da Universidade, Ground floor of University Mall, Taipa, Macao) on 3rd May 2016. The opening hours for collecting surface/air parcel & EMS items are from 7:00a.m. to 11:00p.m., Monday to Sunday. In order for customers to register “SEPBox” conveniently, this “eLocker” has also installed the application function of “SEPBox”.

To use “eLocker”, please apply for the “Secure Electronic Postal Box - SEPBox”. For details and information of the application, please visit our website: www.macaupost.gov.mo/elocker, or e-mail us at: elocker@macaupost.gov.mo for enquiries.
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