A new eLocker service station at Ocean Garden Post Office
23/12/2016 17:45
Macao Post will increase a new eLocker service station on 28th December 2016. The electronic locker will be located at the Ocean Garden Post Office (Rua do Jardim, Jardins do Oceano, Azalea Court, Taipa). As the largest locker station at the moment, this eLocker includes 144 lockers, providing round-the-clock service to the local residents. It also equipped with the application function of Secure Electronic Postal Box - SEPBox.

Since the launching of eLocker, 4 service stations have been established, which locate at Central Post Office, Nova Taipa, Macau University and Ocean Garden, forming a service network across the territory. In future, eLocker will continue to increase more service locations, add new features and expand the service capabilities to provide a convenient, fast and secure one-stop electronic service.

For details of eLocker, please visit our website: www.macaupost.gov.mo/elocker, or email us at: elocker@macaupost.gov.mo.
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