A new eLocker service station at Fai Chi Kei Post Office
19/12/2018 18:11

CTT will increase a new eLocker service station on 28th December 2018. The electronic locker will be located at the Fai Chi Kei Post Office (Rua Sul do Patane , Habitação Social de Fai Chi Kei – Edificio Fai Tat R/C - A). This eLocker includes 76 lockers, providing round-the-clock service to the local residents. It also equipped with the application function of Secure Electronic Postal Box - SEPBox.

Since the launching of eLocker, 5 service stations have been established, which locate at Central Post Office, Nova Taipa, Macau University, Ocean Garden and Fai Chi Kei, forming a service network across the territory. In future, eLocker will continue to increase more service locations, add new features and expand the service capabilities to provide a convenient, fast and secure one-stop electronic service.

For details of eLocker, please visit our website: www.ctt.gov.mo/elocker, or email us at: elocker@ctt.gov.mo.

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