Macao Post and Telecommunications Bureau (CTT) provides online electronic signature service (eSignCloud) and secure electronic postal box (SEPBox) for “Common Access to Public Services of the Macao SAR”
25/01/2019 12:45

In order to align with the Macao Special Administrative Region (MSAR) smart Government initiatives and advance its development, CTT has been participating in the “Common Access to Public Services of the Macao SAR” scheme (abbreviated as Common Access Single Account) since January 1, 2019. The public may, during the registration procedure for the “Common Access Single Account”, at the counters of the Public Administration and Civil Service Bureau (SAFP) or the Service Centre of Macao SAR, simultaneously enroll to both eSignCloud and SEPBox services, and receive a free first year’s annual fee for the "eSignCloud" service. After activating the eSignCloud account via the corresponding SEPBox’s secured electronic mail, the public are able to create electronic signatures with legal effects using eSignCloud service on electronic documents required by respective services in the website or mobile application of the “Common Access to Public Services of the Macao SAR”, in conjunction with eSignTrust’s one-time password free mobile application to achieve strong two-factor authentication. Citizens can also receive electronic notifications of public services integrated into the single account of common access through SEPBox.

Starting from 2019, CTT provides eSignCloud service to the public for applying employment of non-resident domestic workers from the Labour Affairs Bureau and the Public Security Police Force, and for the licensing service for food and beverage establishments from the Municipal Affairs Bureau. The public can electronically sign, through the mobile application and the electronic certificates associated with the eSignCloud service account, their requests related to employing non-resident domestic workers, authorization to stay and its renewal as well as applications for license or alteration of installations for food and beverage establishment.

In accordance with the Law of the Macao Special Administrative Region No. 5/2005 "Electronic Documents and Electronic Signature Law", CTT launched a Certification Service Provider (CSP) service called eSignTrust in 2006. It is by now the only accredited CSP, recognized by the Government of MSAR, to issue electronic certificates with legal effect for individuals, institutions and government entities.

Over the years, CTT has been actively providing good infrastructure and services for smart-city’s projects throughout Macao. In order to promote the digitalization of documents, CTT also launched the public services eSignCloud, Electronic Postal Certification Mark, SEPBox, eDirectMail and eBill. At the end of 2018, more than 30,000 electronic certificates were issued and more than 20,000 SEPBox accounts have been registered. Amid these, 71 government agencies are using electronic certificates issued by eSignTrust. The use of electronic signatures has become an integral part of the day-to-day work of the government, both inside and outside, including electronic notifications, official document approvals, holiday applications and approvals, collaboration among government entities, workflow management, etc., all aimed to reduce administrative burdens from unnecessary paper exchange.

In addition, in accordance with the “Legal System for Resolving Disputes in Medical Incidents” regulation, regarding the computerization and treatment of medical records, electronic certificates are widely deployed in the computer system of medical institutions such as Kiang Wu Hospital and Workers' Medical Clinic to ensure the integrity of electronic medical records.

The electronic certificates issued by eSignTrust are also used for various e-services intended for the public, among them includes requests for written information from the Legal Affairs Bureau (properties registration search and commercial registration search), registration and renewal applications of trademarks from the Macao Economic Bureau, declaration of professional taxes and the exchange of tax information from the financial entities from the Finance Service Bureau, applications for special subsidies for scientific research, instruments and equipment from the Science and Technology Development Fund, licensing service of ditching works in public streets from the Municipal Affairs Bureau, the electoral registration service from SAFP and employment application of non-resident domestic workers from the Public Security Police Force.

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