Mail Services to USA
01/02/2019 05:40

Owing to the bad weather in USA, Macao Post and Telecommunications Bureau announced that mail delivery services (including Correspondence, Printed Matters, Small Packets, Parcels and EMS) from Macao to the following postcode areas of USA are suspended with immediate effect until further notice.


Michigan: 486XX–491XX, 493XX–499XX
Indiana: 460XX–469XX, 472XX–475XX, 478XX、479XX
Chicago: 606XX–608XX
Lakeland: 530XX–532XX, 534XX, 535XX, 537XX–539XX, 541XX–545XX, 549XX, 600XX, 602XX, 601XX, 611XX
Detroit: 480XX–485XX, 492XX
Central Illinois: 601XX, 603XX–605XX, 609XX, 613XX, 614XX, 616XX, 617XX
Northern Ohio (Cleveland and Lima areas) : 441XX, 458XX
Ohio Valley (Cincinnati and Columbus areas) : 452XX, 430XX–432XX
Northland: 540XX, 546XX–548XX, 550XX, 551XX, 553XX–564XX, 566XX
Hawkeye: 500XX–514XX, 520XX–528XX, 612XX
Dakotas: 580XX–588XX, 570XX–577XX
Eastern Nebraska: 680XX–689XX
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