Amendment of Postal Tariff and Regulations
10/05/2019 15:11

With the rapid development of economy of Macao SAR, the pace of the society has also been accelerated, the recent amendment of tariff by CTT Macao was in 2014. To cater the market demands, CTT Macao will adjust some of the postal tariff starting from 30th May, 2019. The amendments include:


  • Basic tariff of local correspondence is adjusted from MOP 2 to MOP 2.5;
  • Unify the basic tariff of correspondence of non-priority service (surface mail) for China, Hong Kong China and Taiwan China to MOP 4;
  • Basic tariff of correspondence of priority service (air mail) for Zone I (such as Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, etc.) is adjusted from MOP 5 to MOP 4;
  • Basic tariff of correspondence of priority service (air mail) for Zone II (such as Portugal, USA, Canada, etc.) is adjusted from MOP 5.5 to MOP 4.5.


Moreover, in order to support the development of e-commerce in Macao SAR, the tariff for exporting small packet is adjusted too, some amendments for the popular destinations include:


  • Air mail basic tariff for China and Taiwan China are adjusted from MOP 12.5 to MOP 12 and from MOP 13 to MOP 10, respectively;
  • Air mail basic tariff for Zone I is adjusted from MOP 18 to MOP 13.5;
  • Air mail basic tariff for Zone II is adjusted from MOP 23 to MOP 18.


On the other hand, a number of destinations for surface mail with less utilization are removed from the amended postal tariff list, in order to encourage senders to use air mail service which is more cost-effective and speedy. Furthermore, charges of the supplementary services of correspondence are partially adjusted. Please refer to the Executive Order No. 81/2019 published on the Official Bulletin for details about the postal tariff amendments.


Lastly, in response to the needs of the customers and further improvement of the CTT existing services, two additional services are added to “Direct Mail” service: namely the “Delivery Report Service” and “Designated Building Delivery Service”. For more details, please refer to the Chief Executive Dispatch No. 68/2019 published on the Official Bulletin.

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