Special arrangement for services of CTT during the period of 10th to 15th February
09/02/2020 21:20

Due to the development of the novel coronavirus, CTT Macao would like to inform the underneath post offices during the period of 10th to 15th February provides limited postal services, including the sending and collection of registered mail, small packets, EMS items and parcels.



Service Time

General Post Office

Monday to Friday
12:00 - 16:00
10:00 - 13:00

Red Market Post Office

Nova Taipa Post Office


The underneath services will accept applications or inquiries by email:




Internet Domain Name Service


Radioelectric Licensing Service


Electronic Certificate Service





Customer Support



The home delivery service of EMS items continues to suspend, while CTT will phone to recipients to inform the location where they can go to pick up the EMS items.

The location for parcels pick up is Central Post Office with entrance in Rua da Sé. Both recipients of parcels or EMS items can use the “Track-and-Trace” service in CTT’s website to check the status of their mails http://www.ctt.gov.mo/MacauPost/Contents/MailTrack.aspx.


Please pay attention that there are delays in all services provides, in particular, the delivery of postal items and delays will not be compensated during this period until further notice.

For consulting the latest information of CTT’s services, please check CTT website.

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