Mail Services
20/03/2020 18:08

Owing to the reduction or cancellation of flights by airlines and the spread of Novel coronavirus pneumonia (NCP) , CTT Macao announced that surface mail, airmail and/or EMS services to the following destinations are suspended or delayed until further notice. The newly affected destinations are provided as below:


Destination Suspension Service
Africa Djibouti Airmail (including EMS)
Egypt EMS
Nigeria EMS
Asia Bahrain Airmail
Kuwait Surface and Airmail
Sri Lanka Surface and Airmail
Central and South America Dominica Air (letter)
Uruguay Surface and Airmail
Peru Surface and Airmail
Europe Cyprus EMS
Estonia Airmail (including EMS)
Latvia Surface and Airmail


Destination Delay Service
Central, North and South America USA All services
Panama Surface and Airmail
Europe Cyprus Airmail
Slovenia Surface and Airmail (including EMS)
Spain Surface and Airmail
Others All services
Asia Japan All services
Korea All services
Oceania Australia All services


The post offices of destinations will adjust their services when necessary in compliance with the impact of Novel coronavirus pneumonia, please pay attention to the latest news.

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