05/10/2012 00:00
Macao Post has released the theme “A Journey to the West” among the stamp series of “Literature and its Characters”, the stamp themes were selected from the classic plots from the novel. The stamp images were designed by the painter Poon Kam Ling, this series consists of two stamp issues, issued on 30th September 2000 and 18th June 2007 respectively. The two stamp issues are now compiled as a philatelic collection, the images of Chinese folk art papercuts designed by the cartoonist Chan Wai Fai is presented in this collection, the characters are lively and cartoon like, the composition is simple but with prominent theme and bright colours.

The Prestige Philatelic Collection “Literature and its Characters – A Journey to the West” is presented in an exquisite protective hard cover, the image of papercuts “The Master and Disciples Searching for the Scriptures on the Journey to the West” is applied with the hot foil stamping with holographic silver, the Chinese title “Literature and its Characters” was written in artistic Chinese calligraphy by Mr. Lam Kan, which applied with hot foil stamping with black, highlighting the elegant Chinese calligraphy. The inner pages of the papercutting images are illustrated with explanatory drawings and presenting the complete story of the classic novel, the images are: “Monkey King in the Mountain of Flowers and Fruits”, “Monkey King Chaos at the Heavenly Palace”, “The Three Fights with the Bai Gu Jing (White-Bone-Demon)” and “The Master and Disciples Searching for the Scriptures on the Journey to the West”. The philatelic collection also included a papercutting bookmark with the image of Monkey King holding his gold-banded cudgel.

This philatelic collection will be available for sale at the Philatelic Shop of Macao Post Headquarters, starting from 9th October, 2012. This collection is priced at MOP180.00, and it is an excellent product to the stamp collectors and art lovers.
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