Submission of Electronic Customs Declaration Required for Sending Mail Items
10/08/2020 16:54

In compliance with the Regulations of the Universal Postal Union Convention, senders of EMS, parcel, registered small packets and small packets (except letters) from Macao to other countries or regions are obliged to submit electronic customs declaration before posting the items. Mail items (except letters) without the corresponding electronic customs declaration may be rejected by the destination’s customs, be returned, or be subject to delay in processing. Therefore, starting from 1st September 2020, senders are required to submit electronic customs declaration before sending (except sending to Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan).


Senders have to submit customs information in English through the website ( or mobile app of CTT, which should include basic information such as the recipients’ address, category of mail items, quantity, value, and weight. A QR code will be generated after the completion of the relevant electronic customs declaration. Before posting the items, senders have to present the corresponding QR code to CTT’s counter staff who will check before mail acceptance whether there is any discrepancy between the corresponding declared information and the mail items.


Thank you for your kind attention.

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