Replacement of "Date Chop" and New Slogan Die of Franking Machine
18/09/2013 17:22
The current "Date Chop" has been in use since 16th June 1999 and will be ceased after 8th October 2013.

The new "Date Chop" for stamps obliteration will be introduced with effect from 9th October 2013 in all post offices’ counters that accept postal objects (excluding the Mail Handling and Delivery Centre). The new "Date Chop" design not only has the "★" symbol, but also has the indication of the latest posting time (excluding the chops of Philately Shop, Parcel Area, EMS Area and "Posta Restante" counters). The image sample shown as below is the new "Date Chop" of General Post Office:

Meanwhile, General Post Office and all post office branches will apply the " Aceite Após o Horário de Aceitação " slogan die of franking machines(as shown below)on the postal object to identify the latest posting time starting from 9th October 2013.

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