Postal Registered electronic Mail (PReM)
08/10/2013 16:00
Postal Registered electronic Mail (PReM) provides a secure and trusted exchange of electronic messages, enabling the sending of electronic messages by an authenticated mailer for delivery to an authenticated addressee or addressees with proof of sending and proof of delivery. PReM uses secure electronic means and the proofs of sending and delivery are certified by Macao Post.

In accordance with the Dispatch of the Chief of Executive No.186/2013, PReM is equivalent to the physical registered mail with delivery advice. PReM attests the following:
1) The authenticity of the sender, addressee, and designated operators of origin and destination;
2) The sending, forwarding, delivery, non-delivery, rejection and expiry of the electronic message, and the corresponding dates and time;
3) Confidentiality of the electronic message;
4) Integrity of the electronic message.

In addition, this service was created in accordance with Article RL 256bis of the Letter Post Regulations of Universal Postal Union, and Postal Registered electronic Mail functional specification (S52) of the Universal Postal Union. The identities of the sender and addressee are rigorously authenticated . Furthermore, international recognized cryptographic standards and technologies are employed to generate non-reputable evidences and ensure the confidentiality and integrity of electronic messages.

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