Terms and Conditions

  1. All the information on the application form should be filled out. (The name, address and telephone number must be included).
  2. For initial application, the minimum quantity of keys should be two.
  3. If the PO Box is subscribed by a company or association, the name of the person in charge of the company/association, owner or representative must be specified. 
  4. Apart from the renter, person (beneficiaries) who are permitted to receive mails from the PO Box are: For Individual Renter: family members or people who live with the renter.  For Organization or Association: the employees.
  5. If renter changes the personal data, adds/deletes the names of beneficiaries, transfer the right of the owner of the P.O. Box or apply additional service, please fill in the application form for data renewal of P.O. Box renters and other services.
  6. If renter requests to change the lock of the P.O. Box, he/she should pay MOP50.00 for the penalty and the installation of lock.
  7. The rental term of the P.O. Box service is one year, the renter should pay the rental fee within the period indicated by Macao Post and such service will be considered as renewal automatically for one year. Otherwise, renter needs to settle the relevant payment as well as the late charges.
  8. Macao Post will not refund the rental fee if the renter discontinues or cancels the service during the rental contract period.
  9. Registered mails, insured mails, parcels or EMS item will not be sent to the P.O. Box directly. Instead, an advice will be sent to the renter for collection. Renter should present the advice at the post office counter for collection:
    1. Personal Mail: The recipient or his/her legal representative (In this case, must be certified by the legal authorization) should present the original ID Card or equivalent documents and sign on the advice.
      If the recipient could not pick up the registered items in person, the representative should present his/her own and the recipient’s ID Card or equivalent documents as well as the advice with recipient’s signature and sign on the advice.
    2. Corporate Mail: The representative or the authorized person of the recipient should present the original ID Card or equivalent documents as well as the respective corporate chop and sign on the advice.
    3. Insured Mail: The recipient should present the original ID Card or equivalent documents and sign on the advice.
    Remark: The above-mentioned signature must be identical with the ID Card.
  10. The format of the address of P.O. Box is presented as below:
    XX Post Office, Macao
    P.O. Box No. XXXX
    All the mails delivered to the P.O. Box should be addressed in legible writing. Otherwise, the post office will not be responsible for any missent or delayed delivery.
  11. If the mails are not addressed to the renters or the beneficiaries, please have them returned to the post office counter or have them dropped in the Return Mail Box.
  12. If the volume of mails exceeds the capacity of the P.O.Box regularly, renter is recommended to subscribe a large P.O. box or an additional box.
  13. Macao Post reserves all the rights to amend the terms and conditions of the rental of P.O. Box service.

    For inquiry, please contact the Sales and Retail Division at 8396 8813 during our office hours.
  14. Mon. To Thur. 9:00 – 13:00 14:30 – 17:45
    Fri. 9:00 – 13:00 14:30 – 17:30
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